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Window Tint Installation Howard County Maryland / Columbia MD Window Tinting

Solas Window Tint provides expert window tinting installation for residential homes, government buildings and commercial offices throughout Howard County Maryland. Call or email us today and we can answer any of your glass coating and window tinting questions.

Residential window tinting offers: year round comfort, energy savings, ultraviolet protection for furniture & flooring, heat rejection, reduction of solar heat and glare, improves curb appeal, broken glass protection, improves privacy.

Commercial window tinting can improve office buildings in a number of ways including: privacy with reflective window film, saving money on energy bills, opaque and frosted window films, reducing heat and providing temperature stability, improving employees and customers comfort, protection from vandalism, safety from broken glass with security films, protecting against ultraviolet damage.

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Graffitigard protective film is perfect for frequently vandalized locations. The unnoticeable film protect surfaces from key scratches, acid etching, paint, markers and more. Film is just peeled away when vandalized and replace with a new layer of film. The film can even be applied to mirrors, stainless steel, marble and other non-porous surfaces. Perfect for municipal trains / subway or bus windows, bus stops, ground level glass storefronts and more.

Decorative glass window film is perfect for commercial buildings, entrance doors, office dividers, bathrooms, sidelights, sliding glass doors, glass partitions and more. Choose from hundreds of designs and let us provide professional installation. Looks like real etched glass at a fraction of the cost and removable if needed.

We can provide commercial business window tinting, residential home or government building window tint, for all areas of Howard County MD including:

  • Columbia Maryland
  • Ellicott City Md Window Tinting
  • Clarksville Md
  • Dayton Maryland
  • North Laurel Md
  • Fulton Md
  • Savage Maryland
  • Woodbine Md
  • Woodstock Md
  • West Friendship Md
  • Elkridge Maryland
  • Scaggsville and other areas

Commercial Window Tint Howard County MD

If you need window tint film installation for homes or businesses and are located in other towns of the Howard County or surrounding counties call or email us today to see if we service your area.

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